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Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:

Example #1:

A science teacher at a high school in Dallas plans a field trip for her biology students to visit the Dallas Zoo. She expects around 100 students to attend, so she reserves two 56-passenger charter buses to transport the group. The charter bus company quotes her $150 per bus for 8 hours of service, so her total transportation cost is $1,200. This covers pickup from the school at 8am, drop off at the zoo at 9am, pickup from the zoo at 3pm, and return to school by 4pm. With 100 students divided over the two buses, each student’s share of the cost is only $12 for a full day of transportation. The teacher tips 10% for providing a smooth, timely trip. So the total cost comes to $1,320, making the Dallas Zoo field trip an affordable learning experience for her students.

Example #2

A marketing director at a Fortune 500 company in Dallas plans a team outing for her top-performing employees. She wants to reward her team with a fun day exploring the city. She chooses to take the 15 team members to the Dallas Arboretum, Reunion Tower, and the Sixth Floor Museum. To make travel easy, she rents a 25-passenger charter bus for the day. The charter bus picks them up at their office and takes them directly to each destination. She rents the Dallas charter bus for 10 hours from 9am-7pm on a Saturday. The rate is $150 per hour, totaling $1,500 for the day. With 25 passengers, it comes out to only $60 per person. The marketing director tips the professional charter bus team 10% at $150 for providing excellent service. The total cost of their Dallas corporate charter bus rental is $1,650. Having their own charter bus allows the team to fully enjoy their day together in Dallas.

Example #3:

The varsity football team at a Dallas high school is heading to an away game in Austin next weekend. With 50 players, 5 coaches, and equipment to transport, renting a charter bus is the best option. After getting quotes, they decide to book a 56-passenger charter bus for the trip. The total rental cost comes to $950 – they are getting picked up at the high school at 6 AM on Saturday morning, driven to Austin for the afternoon game, and then dropped back off that night by 11 PM. The base rate is $125/hour, and they need the bus for about 8 hours including pickup, dropoff, and waiting during the game. There is also a 100-mile minimum charge, which covers the round trip mileage between Dallas and Austin. To thank, they tip 10%, adding just $95. So the total for reliable transportation for the entire team comes to $1,045.

Example #4:

A group of 30 coworkers at a tech startup in Dallas plan a team outing to Six Flags Over Texas for some thrills and team bonding. They decide to book a charter bus for the 25 mile trip from their office in downtown Dallas to the amusement park to keep the group together. They rent a 37 passenger charter bus for 10 hours from 8AM to 6PM on a Saturday in June. The total cost for the 10 hour Dallas charter bus rental comes to $1,260. With 30 passengers splitting the cost, each person’s share comes out to just $42 for a relaxing ride to the park and back, cheaper than driving themselves and paying for parking. They have plenty of room to spread out on the charter bus, and enjoy tunes and snacks on the drive over. At the end of the fantastic day, they tip their friendly charter bus team 10%, bringing their grand total to $1,386. Their charter bus rental ensures their whole team can enjoy the outing affordably and comfortably.

Example #5:

A couple is getting married in Dallas with the ceremony at the Nasher Sculpture Center and reception at the Ritz-Carlton. With 100 wedding guests expected, they know transportation will be key. They decide to book a 56 passenger charter bus to shuttle guests between the ceremony and reception. The bus is booked for 6 hours at $150 per hour, totaling $900. On the wedding day, the charter bus takes one round trip from hotels to the ceremony, waits during the ceremony, and makes one trip to the reception, providing smooth transportation for all guests. The couple tips 10% ($90) for excellent service. Factoring the gratuity, their Dallas charter bus rental for their wedding day transportation totaled $990, making it under $10 per person. With the charter bus, the couple provided comfortable, convenient transportation for their wedding guests while keeping within their budget.

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